About Me

Artist's Bio

Artist Sarah Mcdonald is a self taught artist living in beautiful British Columbia. She gets her inspiration from the adventures and memories created living in the mountains, and brings her paintings to life using heavy textures, vibrant colours, and a wide range of mediums and techniques.


Artist's Statement

Starting at an early age I began sculpting, and paintings with acrylic paint. Over the years this has evolved into creating sculpture like paintings, using heavy textures and, creating the illusion of depth by various techniques such as airbrushing and traditional painting combined.


My primary medium is acrylic paint. I use a combination of airbrushing and heavy body acrylic mediums to create depth and texture, and saturated hues to create vibrant contrasts of light and dark.


Living in the mountains there is an endless flow of inspirations, from cascading landscapes to wildflowers and bumble bees dancing in the wind.